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Gemini Observatorys View Covers Nearly Entire Sky

Gemini Observatory's View Covers Nearly Entire Sky Ever since the year 2000, astronomers have used two unique telescopes that give them a peek at practically any part of the sky they wish to explore. These instruments are part of the Gemini Observatory, named for the Gemini constellation. They comprise an astronomy institution with twin 8.1-meter telescopes located in North and South America. Their construction began in the mid-1990s, guided by scientists from around the world. The observatorys country partners are Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Korea, and the United States, under the aegis of the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. (AURA), under an agreement with the National Science Foundation. Each country has a national Gemini Office to coordinate participation. Its also part of the National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO) consortium. Both telescopes cost $184 million to build, and about $16 million per year for ongoing operations. In addition, $4 million a year are allocated for instrument development. Key Takeaways: Gemini Observatory Gemini Observatory is really one institution with two telescopes: Gemini North is located on Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii and Gemini South is on Cerro Pachon in Chile.The two telescopes together can study nearly the entire sky (except for two small areas at the celestial poles).The Gemini telescopes use instruments and cameras, plus adaptive optics systems.  Gemini Observatory can study anything from solar system objects to planets around other stars, starbirth, star death, and galaxies out to the limits of the observable universe. One Observatory, Two Telescopes The Gemini Observatory has historically been called one observatory, two telescopes. Both were planned and built on high-altitude mountains to provide clear seeing without atmospheric distortion that plagues telescopes at lower altitudes. Both telescopes are 8.1 meters across, each containing a single-piece mirror fabricated at the Corning glass works in New York. These flexible reflectors are nudged by a system of 120 actuators that gently shape them for astronomical observations. Gemini North with its laser system creating guide stars for adaptive optics. Gemini Observatory   Each telescope uses these adaptive optics systems and laser guide stars, which help correct for atmospheric motions that cause starlight (and light from other objects in the sky) to be distorted. The combination of high-altitude location and cutting-edge technology gives Gemini Observatory some of the best astronomical views on Earth. Together, they cover nearly the entire sky (except for regions around the north and south celestial poles). Gemini North on Mauna Kea   The northern half of the Gemini Observatory is located on the Big Island of Hawaii, at the summit of the Mauna Kea volcano. At an altitude of 4,200 meters (13,800 feet), this facility, officially named the Frederick C. Gillett Gemini Telescope (commonly called Gemini North), exists in a very dry, remote region. Both it and its twin are used by astronomers from the five member countries, plus researchers from the nearby University of Hawaii. The U.S. Gemini office is located in Hilo, Hawaii. It houses a staff of scientists, technical staff, outreach experts, and administrators.   Gemini North with the Milky Way overhead, and the lights of a town in the distance. The observatory is generally above the clouds, which blocks light from nearby cities. Gemini Observatory/Joy Pollard The facility is open to astronomers who wish to do their work in person, but most take advantage of the telescopes remote operations capability. That means the telescope is programmed to do their observations and return the data to them when the observations are done.   Gemini South at Cerro Pachà ³n The second pair of the Gemini twin telescopes is located on Cerro Pachà ³n, in the Chilean Andes mountains. Its at an altitude of 2,700 meters (8,900 feet). Like its sibling in Hawaii, Gemini South takes advantage of very dry air and good atmospheric conditions to observe the southern hemisphere skies. It was built about the same time as Gemini North and made its first observations (called first light) in 2000.   Gemini South with its vents open at sunset. Gemini Observatory   The Instruments of Gemini The twin Gemini telescopes are outfitted with a number of instruments, including a set of optical imagers, plus other technology that dissect incoming light using spectrographs and spectrometers. These instruments provide data about distant celestial objects that are not visible to the human eye, particularly near-infrared light. The special coatings on the telescope mirrors make infrared observations possible, and help scientists study and explore such things as planets, asteroids, clouds of gas and dust, and other objects in the universe.   Instruments are attached to the Gemini North and South telescopes using instrument support systems. This one, at Gemini South, has several instruments attached (the box-like structures). Gemini Observatory The Gemini Planet Imager One particular instrument, the Gemini Planet Imager, was built to help astronomers search out extrasolar planets around nearby stars. It began operations at Gemini South in 2014. The imager itself is a collection of observational instruments including a coronagraph, spectrograph, adaptive optics, and other parts that help astronomers locate planets around other stars. It has been in operation since 2013 and has been continually tested and improved. One of its most successful planet searches turned up the world 51 Eridani b, which lies about 96 light-years away from Earth.   Polar ring galaxy NGC 660 as see through Gemini Observatorys north telescope. Gemini Observatory   Geminis Celestial Discoveries Since Gemini opened, it has peered into distant galaxies and studied the worlds of our own solar system. Among its most recent discoveries, Gemini North took a look at a distant quasar (an energetic galaxy) that had previously been observed by two other observatories: the Keck-1 on Mauna Kea and the Multiple-Mirror Telescope (MMT) in Arizona. Geminis role was to focus on a gravitational lens that was bending the light from the distant quasar toward Earth. Gemini South has also studied distant worlds and their actions, including one that may have been kicked out of orbit around its star. Other images from Gemini include a look at a colliding galaxy called a polar ring galaxy. This one is called NGC 660, and the image was taken from the Fredrick C. Gillett Gemini North telescope in 2012. Sources â€Å"Exiled Exoplanet Likely Kicked out of Stars Neighborhood.†Ã‚  Ã‚ » Circumstellar Disks, planetimager.org/.Gemini Observatory, ast.noao.edu/facilities/gemini.â€Å"Gemini Observatory.†Ã‚  Gemini Observatory, www.gemini.edu/.National Research Council Canada. â€Å"Gemini Observatory.†Ã‚  Construction Technology Updates, 27 Sept. 2018, www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/solutions/facilities/gemini.html.

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Analysis of Cement Industry in India

Analysis of Cement Industry in India INTRODUCTION People invest in stocks to make their money grow. And to help investors identify the suitable and the appropriate way to invest, there are various modes of analysis. A number of approaches have been developed over time. One most important analytical approach among them is EIC analysis (E for economy, I for industry and C for company). EIC analysis is also sometimes referred to as Fundamental Analysis or the Top Down approach to Fundamental analysis. . In this approach, the investment decisions are taken on the basis of the strength of the economy, industry and company. The major objective of undergoing a project on EIC analysis or top down approach to fundamental analysis is to answer the question as â€Å"What to buy†. At economy level, fundamental analysis will focus on the economic indicators of the country to assess the present and future growth of the economy. Major economic indicators include the GDP growth rate, inflation, imports, exports, monetary and fi scal policies, foreign exchange reserves, IIP, etc. The basic assumption is that if the economy grows, companies would do well. At the industry level, apart from economy other factors like government attitude, entry barriers, competition level, threat of potential entrants, substitute products, cost structure, foreign entrants, also affect the way an industry evolves in time and hence affects the stock prices of companies in that particular industry. This industry analysis will also include Porters five force model (wherever applicable) which will give a better approach to it. The next task to be done in the project is to identify and analyze two companies i.e. ACC and Ultratech cement Ltd. For that a number of factors will be taken into consideration, say, the company’s SWOT analysis and the financials of the company. Thus, on the foundation of some major factors, this EIC analysis will analyze the overall economy, industry and company which will give a clear picture and pra ctical approach of stock identification. The second part of the project is Technical analysis which is a method of evaluating securities by analyzing the statistics generated by market activity, such as past prices and volume. Technical analysis looks at the price movement of a security and uses this data to predict its future price movements. Thus a technical analyst approaches a security from the charts. 2. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS EIC analysis is not just about balance-sheets or analysis of a company’s financial performance. It is also crucial to look at the broader picture- the macro-economic factors that may directly or indirectly affect the economy, industry and stocks of the company. Economic Analysis is the First Step in a three step security analysis process. An economic slowdown has implications for the earnings and margins of companies. At economy level, fundamental analysis will focus on the economic indicators of the country to assess the present and future growth of th e economy. It aims at analyzing the overall Economy and identifying the general direction, in which the economy is heading. Although there are many macroeconomic indicators that are relevant to markets, given below are some must-track-indicators

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English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 34

English - Essay Example It is not possible for one to like something and at the same time dislike it. Within the writings, lot repetitiveness is seen used to emphasize the point. The repeat has been done on the main idea or in the use of words. The theme of grace has been brought out as based on what pleases oneself. This means that one is willing to see grace in what he is pleased in. Therefore, the divine grace of God is beneficial to human beings, which makes them be pleased with the same. The writings emphasize that a man does not do anything, but rather what he feels he can do. Therefore, the willingness to will, and be pleased by something, comes from an individual (Miller et al, 112). There is an emphasis on the Holy Spirit’s intervention in one’s discerning of the grace of God. This is what is referred to as infusion. The influence of the spirit in an individual is done at free will. This means that the spirit can influence human beings decision at will. It helps one see the grace and be pleased by the impact the same is having in his life. Further, both human beings’ spirit (power) and God’s spirit, work together for the benefit of humankind. In addition, the influence of holy spirit’s infusion is depicted in human being’s action. Therefore, the spirit helps a man to have a habit of his behavior in order that he can acquire the same as first as possible. It most cases, it is not possible for a human being to oppose or do against what has already been infused into him. In addition, if one refuses to acquire the habit being infused, then it means the spirit of rejecting the same has as well been infused to him (Miller et al,. 34). The two forces involved include the natural powers of human being, as well as that of the Spirit. The habit the man acquires depends on the strength of these two contrasting powers. The vigor and liveliness with which one does a certain activity is what is referred to as infused grace. It is this

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Annotated Bibliography on the book Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

On the book Damned by Chuck Palahniuk - Annotated Bibliography Example The book has several chapters that include; Books by Chuck Palahniuk, Short Story Collection by Chuck Palahniuk, Novels by Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, Choke, Survivor, among others. This book represents a new and exciting lexis in sharing of human knowledge. Although the book is a collaboration that focuses on Novels and articles by Chuck Palahniuk, it is very comprehensive on any work done by Palahniuk. It gives the reader a clear outline of Palahniuk’s novel, ‘Dammed’ from the start to the end of with a systematic flow. It also points out the author’s artistic richness and key themes and character analysis. In this website, the author of the article ‘Chuck Palahniuk’s Damned: Damned if you do’ Justine Jordan comprehensively review the Palahniuk’s ‘Dammed’ giving a picture of how the novel flows and describing what could have been in the Palahniuk’s mind when he wrote the book. He prospers in explaining the novel’s flow in a systematic manner, describe and analyze characters and their corresponding traits and roles in the book. Above all, the author is quite effective in explaining the setting as it is in the novel- he does this in such a manner that his readers will be familiarized about the novel ‘Dammed’ as the readers of the original

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Cicso Systems vs Huawei Technologies :: Lawsuit Law Intellectual Property Essays

Cicso Systems vs Huawei Technologies I. Cisco Systems files lawsuit against Huawei Technologies Cisco Systems filed a lawsuit against Huawei Technologies on January 23, 2003 claiming that Huawei had copied, misappropriated, and infringed on Cisco’s intellectual property in its rival line of low-cost networking routers.1 Cisco Systems is an industry leader in providing networking equipment for voice and data transfer. Huawei Technologies is China’s leading manufacturer of telecom and network equipment gear and is viewed by analysts as a formidable competitor to Cisco2. II. Details of the lawsuit Cisco’s allegations include the following:3 . Copying of IOS source code: IOS (Internetworking Operating System) is Cisco’s proprietary operating system. Cisco claims that Huawei’s operating system contains text strings, file names, and even bugs that are identical to those in Cisco’s IOS source code. . Copying of Cisco’s technical documentation: Cisco alleges that whole portions of text from Cisco’s copyrighted technical documentation are found in Huawei’s user manuals for their Quidway routers and switches. . Copying of Command Line Interface: A Command Line Interface (CLI) is the interface through which a user issues commands to a router. Cisco claims that extensive portions of its CLI and help screens appear verbatim in Huawei’s operating system for its Quidway routers and switches. . Patent infringement: Cisco alleges that Huawei is infringing at least five Cisco patents related to proprietary routing protocols. Cisco wants a preliminary and permanent injunction prohibiting the use, sales, marketing, and distribution of Huawei’s Quidway routers and switches. The suit includes an order to triple all damages, an amount to be determined by a jury during a trial.4 Cisco also took action against a Huawei distributor in the United Kingdom. Spot Distribution received a cease and desist letter for distributing Huawei products that allegedly infringe Cisco’s intellectual property.5 Cisco filed the case in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas,6 nearby Plano, Texas, where it has a subsidiary. The court is reputed to be knowledgeable about patent and intellectual property infringement cases, sympathetic to patent holders, and quick to issue injunctions. While patents granted in the United States are only enforceable in the United States, copyright laws are enforced worldwide.

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Readings on the Power of the Nation-State Essay

World Society and the Nation-State by John W. Meyer, John Boli, George M. Thomas, and Francisco O. Ramirez * This essay begins by explaining that it is the world models of institutions and the purposes they serve—equality, socioeconomic progress, human development—are the foundations for the current nation-state order. These world models have become increasingly important in the post-war era as globalization has increased and intensified exponentially. * They then expand upon this point, explaining that traditionally, scholars believe that states are products of their own histories and internal forces. This essay asserts that this is inaccurate because in today’s era especially, there are many outside forces due to globalization that shape a nation state’s culture, institutions, and other features. * They argue that the main reasons for the emergence of world-society models have been out of wars, like World War II and the Cold War. These global conflicts may have pushed for the improvement of nationally organized progress and human development on the global scale. * Many scholars predict a failure of world-society, drawing upon evidence from the gross violations of world-cultural principles in Bosnia, the stagnant development in Africa, and the overall evasion of proper responsibility all over the globe. The Declining Authority of States by Susan Strange * Strange opens with the assertion that although they may not admit it, those in charge in capitalist nations are losing power and reputability. Politicians make empty promises and the people no longer believe them. It is exactly this type of discontent that brought down the Soviet Union and its satellite states. Political discontent by the public has risen globally and seems to be evident everywhere. * Strange also asserts that answers lie in the public opinion and everyday citizens of a country, not in the current political system. She says this because normal people use commonsense which seems to be more legitimate than the most common academic theories politicians base their notions upon. * Strange argues that after extensive study of the global political economy, she has come to the conclusion that we need to rethink some of the traditional concepts and assumptions that international relations are based upon. She presents four main assumptions that need to be revised: 1. The limits of politics as a  social activity. 2. The nature and sources of power within a society. 3. The necessity and contrasting invisibility of authority in a capitalist economy. 4. The anarchic nature of international society and rational conduct of states as the unitary actors in that society. * An interesting point Strange argues is that as governments try to gain more authority, they are squashing out ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples’ sovereignty. Some principle examples include the Basques of southwestern Europe, the Tibetans of China, the Scots of the United Kingdom, and the Aborigines of Australia.   Global Organized Crime by James H. Mittelman Mittelman explains that because of globalization, crime has completely evolved into a more complex and frightening concept. The new type of global crime involves crimes that didn’t even exist a few decades ago—computer crimes, money laundering, nuclear material theft, counterfeiting, stock market schemes, etc. Crime is also no longer localized, but taking place on a global scale. * Mittelman provides a chief example of this globalized crime using Chinese triads that have smuggled people illegally into the U.S. since the 1840’s. The corruption of the Chinese government and oppression of Chinese workers has caused this issue of illegal migration. * Mittelman also explains that global organized crime can be equated to transnational firms because they operate both above and below the state. Above the state, they operate using the manipulation of permeable borders and deregulation. Below the state, they operate by offering incentives to the marginalized populations who are struggling to cope with the effects of globalization. * He also describes the role of global crime in relation to the state. Traditionally, states are viewed as arbiters and mediators in interstate relations. However, this role is changing as crime has transcended borders and caused the cooperation of state governments to try and combat this trend. Mittelman also clarifies that although crime groups aren’t revolutionary or trying to take over the government, they are slowly changing the role of government and somewhat undermining its power.   Has Globalization Gone Too Far? By Dani Rodrik * Rodrik begins by asserting that globalization has dramatically increased the gap between the rich and the poor; the middle class is disappearing.  Because of this, tension between those in charge—the policymakers and market moguls—and those at the bottom—workers, environmentalists, etc.—has risen and become a major dividing factor. * This divide causes tension and a decrease in social stability. Rodrik highlights three main sources of tension. 1. Reduced barriers to trade and investment accentuate the imbalance between groups that can transcend international borders—capitalists, professionals, highly skilled workers—and those that can’t—unskilled workers. 2. Nations face major differences in terms of ideologies, politics, socioeconomics and this can cause conflicts within and between nations of opposing traditions. 3. Globalization has made it close to impossible for governing bodies to provide social insurance—a central function that has held societies together in the post-war period. * Rodrik then explains that in order to deal with these issues, policymakers must make difficult decisions in order to strike a balance between domestic cohesion and global interaction. Rodrik recognizes that this situation is usually viewed as a trade-off, however through maintaining a healthy balance between domestic needs and global progress, this can be achieved. Welfare Spending in an Era of Globalization: The North-South Divide by John Glenn * Glenn first recognizes that in less-industrialized states, welfare spending has decreased during the period of globalization due to the increased spending focused on structural development. On the other hand, highly industrialized nations have been the key agents in starting and maintaining globalization. * Glenn then examines two different hypotheses. The first states that nations are actively reconfiguring themselves in order to produce a business-nurturing environment. This competition state hypothesis claims that the globalization of the economy is putting the pressures on the states to make the business-conducive environment. The second hypothesis asserts that states make up for those who are most negatively affected by the economic progress and as a result of this, a decrease in social spending will not occur. * Glenn recognizes the overlap between these two hypotheses in that they both emphasize the importance of state investment in human capital in order to compete in the global economy of today. He also supports his findings with several tables  exhibiting different states’ growth of government expenditures, social spending trends, etc. in order for readers to visually see these trends that are occurring across the globe. World Culture and the Future of Schooling by David P. Baker and Gerald K. LeTendre * This article begins with the theory that education is, contrary to popular belief, a global undertaking. It defines the traditional, national vision of education as an institution for education and socialization of a country’s youth, preparing them to be successful adult citizens of their nation. The authors argue that this notion is inaccurate and is becoming more so every day. * The article asserts that global forces are shaping the evolution of schooling and education is growing more globally uniform due to the permeability of borders and educational values penetrating those borders and infiltrating educational systems within those borders. * The worldwide success of mass education is then examined. It is observed that all over the world, public schooling is educating the vast majority of youth and preparing them for a bright and educated future. In addition to this trend, traditional educational values have become widely accepted. These values can be education for the collective good, national government funding and interest in education, early education lasting through early adulthood as an effective tool in long-term impact, and statuses such as race, gender, religion and language should not deter an individual or group from accessing education.

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Smartphones Are Changing The Way We Think And Act

A smartphone is a mobile phone with advanced services of communication and computing. However, despite its high-tech functions and its advantages, with its increasing popularity the smartphone has negatively influenced the behavior of individuals and society as a whole. Some critics believe that the world would be much healthier without smartphones. These people argue that they have caused negative impacts on social relationships, education, health and other part of our life. Too much engagement on smartphones may lead to a lack of interactions between individuals and do harm to human relationships. Although they were initially developed to help people stay integrated and connected, they are instead disconnecting people from society and relationships due to their addictive nature. Smartphones are changing the way we think and act. And the solution to this problem is making people aware of what its doing to them, like using commercials, using ads, radio, and etc. Most of today s oral conversations are asymmetrical with one person speaking and the other concentrated on their devices. As a result, they are not able to have a good conversation and are prevented from building trust between each other. In addition, people addicted to smartphones usually become attached to the meaningless approval of strangers online and become indifferent to the real world. Furthermore, they tend to avoid oral communication since they find it uncomfortable and difficult to address real people,Show MoreRelatedEssay on Synthesis on Smart Phones730 Words   |  3 Pagesor work, and almost 50% of Americans have smart phones with internet at all times. The articles â€Å"How Computers Change the Way We Think† by Sherry Turkle, â€Å"Lazy Eyes† by Michael Agger and â€Å"Americans and Their Smartphones† by John C. Dvorak, all talk about how technology is changing the world. Easy access and constant use of the internet is changing the way people learn and think in thei r everyday lives. Before people had access to the internet so commonly finding answers for things was more difficultRead MoreStarbucks s Pizza Enterprises Limited ( Dmp ) : Study Of Strategic Management Practices1655 Words   |  7 Pagesrevolutionised the way businesses operate. The greatest inventions affecting the business landscape today being the smart phones which have an â€Å"app store† for downloadable â€Å"apps† and the social media networks like Facebook and Twitter which are drastically changing the way organisations interact with their customers, take feedbacks, promote new offerings and innovate in different ways to get hold on an increasing client base that today accesses such networks and uses the smartphones for variety of activitiesRead MoreMedia And Its Impact On Society870 Words   |  4 PagesCan you believe that 600 million more people own a smartphone in comparison to those who own a toothbrush? Apparently, media plays an important role in today’s society , from the shows we watch in several different technologies (laptops, smartphones, television, etc.), the music we listen on the radio, and to the magazines we read. Let say most people have goals and expectations for their future. They set specific requirements, they work hard, and hope for the best. However, individuals happen toRead MoreThe Perspectives Of A Representational Theory Of Mind1585 Words   |  7 Pagesrepresentational theory of mind, and argue a case for extended cognition and representational consciousness in animals. A human organism is linked with an external entity in a two-way interaction, creating a coupled system that can be considered to be cognitive in its own right. All the components in the system play an active causal role, if we remove the external component the behavioral competence will drop, just as if a piece of brain was removed. Clark and Chalmers state that coupled processes count equallyRead MoreTechnology Has Made Our Lives1684 Words   |  7 Pagescloser to 97 percent.   64 percent of those phones are smartphones.   Ã‚  With these phones, we have the world at our fingertips.   We can shop on Amazon and Ebay, get live news updates, and get in touch with our â€Å"friends† from all around the globe on Facebook.   Our cell phones have replaced calculators, cameras, and alarm clocks.   If we want to track our calories, there is an app for that.   If we want to make a music setlist to listen to while we are burning those calories, there is an app for that tooR ead MorePatient Advocacy : A Patient Advocate1399 Words   |  6 Pagesin numerous ways. Raegan ensures that patients see the correct doctors, coordinates care between doctors, ensures the patient has access to all available treatment options, and that the treatment plans are being followed. She also educates the family on how to safely care for the patient once they leave her facility. Raegan and I discussed how she felt about the political climate of health care. We conversed about how federal regulations and legislations are constantly changing in the healthRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Technology1627 Words   |  7 Pagesto information about anything. Unfortunately, it has changed our lives for the worse, too, it makes us over dependent on technology, and it leads to a decline in face to face conversations. Technology that is constantly in our face changes the way we think and carry out our everyday lives. For example, when you are standing in a room full of people instead of conversing with others you would take out your phone and engage yourself in this world that you have created. Integrated computers can benefitRead MoreImpact Of Technology On Society1717 Words   |  7 Pagesevident. It has become a controversial topic between generations. From smartphones to virtual reality, the negatives might outweigh the positives when it comes to future g enerations. In today’s world, it is uncommon to find someone who doesn’t own a smartphone or know someone who does. When looking around public, it is almost guaranteed that a mobile phone will be in sight. It has been found that 77% of Americans now own a smartphone. 95% between the ages of 18-29 and 75% of ages 50-64. These devicesRead MoreE Commerce And The Internet Essay1226 Words   |  5 PagesThe internet, what a wonderful example of connecting two people thousands of kilometres away with only the touch of a button. How extraordinary to think that in the pocket of most people is a device that connects one to unthinkable amounts of data and people only with the touch of a button. Almost all of us use smartphones on a daily basis. Smartphones work best when certain applications that supply different services are used (Basu:2008). Thus, developers saw a gigantic gap in the market of onlineRead MoreSocial Media And Its Effects On Society1397 Words   |  6 PagesSocial media se ems to have taken over. It seems every twelve to fifty-year-old I know is glued to their smartphone or tablet, Tweeting, checking in on Facebook, sending silly pictures via SnapChat, or posting their last meal on Instagram. Not to mention all of the people followed on Tumblr, Pinterest, and Untappd that aren’t known personally, they just have common interests and shared ideas. What does this mean for our developmentally vulnerable youth? Social media is great for broadening social